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    Now I am liberated from the Leica myth I am selling my bits of Leica/Leicoid stuff

    Cosina/Voigtlander 35m viewfinder, VGC, no box, $75
    Cosina/Voigtlander 50mm screw/bayonet lens mount adaptor with box $35
    Real Leitz 35mm screw/bayonet lens mount adaptor, no box $50
    Real Leitz red E39 filter in plastic case $35
    Marumic E39 UV filter, as new in box, but not the world's best filter $7.50
    Two Real Leitz 35mm re-loadable "self opening" cassettes in cases, for M series cameras $18 each
    Braun Universal-Sucher 35mm-105mm inc' case, $40, (I will make a pic of this, the other things are obvious)
    Green leather Leica M case for two camera bodies with short lenses, (pending on Rae agreeing, as she bought it for me in Barnstaple in England) $??? - I will need to think about this item

    Sort of off the bottom of the list, a FED 4 with FED (Industar?) 50mm f2.8 lens - Camera functions well in a T34 sort of way and only a little bit louder - The lens mount is rough to focus and the meter does not work, perhaps it never did - After that sales line I suppose $40 inc case

    PayPal is fine, but first enquire about postage, which will be at cost from Australia - I am open to offers or swap on Linhof bits