LED safelight bulbs

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    Dec 13, 2003
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    I have a bunch of LED bulbs that I am not using. When I set up my darkroom, I bought a bunch of these thinking that I'd need quite a bit of light. I found out that they are quite bright and I am now using one red OptiLed and one amber OptiLed bulb. I am selling two amber OptiLed bulbs and three no-name LED bulbs. I've never had any fogging even with 20 minute development times with lith printing. I use the red when the paper mfgr recommends red and amber otherwise. The no name ones seem about as bright as the red OptiLed bulbs, but the amber seem brighter to my eye. I'd like to sell them for $25 for the OptiLed amber ones and $15 for the red ones (or $30 for all three reds...makes my life easier!). Shipping $7 (US shipping) with payment via paypal. 5% to apug