Laura Gilpin - Canyon de Chelly

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    Jul 20, 2003
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    Wanted to pass along an experience I had tonight. Joined a photography study group at the Amon Carter museum earlier and this was the first meeting I was able to make since joining - unfortunately, it was the last meeting for the group because it had not worked out as the museum staff had hoped.

    The subject tonight was about a book on Canyon de Chelly, Ms. Gilpin had started a few years before her death, but still in her 80's. They had a dummy copy of the book, with some documentation and images as she had envisioned..aside from the quality of the work, some very nice black and white, some color that had started to fade it was interesting to hear the staff discuss the problems in bringing the book to publication.

    It might be some time before the project is complete, but it will be worth the wait I think.

    Oh Yeah! BIG to see an original Tim O'Sullivan image of White House Ruins from the original survey - what a treat and just a Great image, well over a hundred years old...

    If any of you live near a museum or university that offers something like this I would recommend it.