Large Format Gathering in Düsseldorf,Germany at 12th February 2011

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    Jun 18, 2008
    4x5 Format

    we, Jörg and Andi, plan a largeformat dedicated gathering
    in Düsseldorf (near Cologne at the River Rhine) at

    Saturday 12th February 2011

    Any LF photographers, or those who eventually start with it,
    or just want to meet some of that crazy LF folks
    are invited to drop in and have fun:wink:
    Absolute beginners and their questions are welcome of course,
    if you only speak english, will be no problem.
    Some largeformat cameras with different lenses will be at place for
    shooting some sheet film and Fuji FP.

    For the ones who stay in the region for longer period,
    this will be the first of a series of gatherings and
    self organized, charge free workshops. We dicuss and plan together what
    we want to do next,
    meetings, shooting at special places or dark room work.

    If you're intrested, please send short PN or email at []

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