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    I doubt many in here know the Danish photographer Kirsten Klein, but here's a chance.

    A new book with 200 images, representing her more than 40 years of photography is out.

    I have just ordered it, but not got it yet - when I do, I'll give more info..

    Kirsten Klein is the most famous living Danish photographer.
    She works only in analouge - no di***** here.

    Her motives goes from hartbreakingly beautiful images of the nature - most famous are the images taken at the little island, where she lives (Mors).

    But she has travelled to both Ireland and to Mexico, and made beautiful images from there too..

    she is a kind/shy person, and she exhibits every year at my school, together with all kinds of other artists.

    The book is called "Mellem lyset og mørket." (between light and darkness).
    The text is unfortunately only in Danish, but who cares? the images talk..

    ISBN 9788702080797

    see some of her images here:
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    I spent a week in Denmark a few years ago and heard a lot about her while there. Her work is excellent.