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    Feb 2, 2010
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    I'd like to start making my own window mats for my mounted prints (instead of having the local framer do it). I don't need to do any kind of high volume production, and the largest pieces of conservation board I'd ever be using are probably 16"x20" so I don't need anything huge. However I want a professional quality precision tool that will enable me to get consistent, fine art results if I do the work well.

    I've been looking at Keencut. I don't think I need the Ultimat Gold, but the Artist Plus series seems like it would be a good machine. The smallest one (30") seems like it would be big enough for my needs. However the squaring arm is only 18" long no matter which size cutter you get. Is that a problem?

    Is this a good choice? With practice will I be able to get precise cuts with this cutter?

    Also, can you use these cutters on a tabletop or do they need to be mounted into some kind of bench? I'm not running a framing business out of my apartment so I'd rather not have some giant thing standing around all the time. I'd like to be able to just put it on a large table when I need it and put it away when done.