Just purchased a Jobo Atl 1000 - and need a bit of help please...

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    Hi - I've just purchased a Jobo Atl 1000. I have still to test the unit out fully myself before using it although I saw it working before purchase.

    It seems to differ slightly from the diagram / pictures on the Jobo website as it has two (turnable) knobs on the control panel and a small press switch on the side.

    The lower knob is the same as the Jobo instructions as it enables the process required to be selected - B&W - 5, 7, 9, 11 ,14 minutes. E6 normal + 1 - 1, E6 3 Bath + 1, C41 normal + 1 -1, RA 4 RT, RA 3 RT and Cleaning.

    The upper knob has a mid position - Normal - then it is labelled + 2.5%, 5%, 10%, 20% and - 2.5%, 5%, 10%, 20%. Can I assume that the + and - figure extend the developing time for B&W processing or does it apply to each and any process and each step in the process?

    Does anyone know what the small press switch on the side is for?

    I have a small tank and spiral for 5x4 and I have a tank that will take two 5x4 spirals and I understand that 1 10x8 print or sheet of film can be processed in this. However many comments are made that this tank would scratch the films back. Has anyone had experience with this? - I think I might have a solution to get round this.

    Does anyone know if any suitable tank will take two 10x8 sheets of film? - I understand that the expert tanks will not work in this processor.

    I have a submersible water pump for wash water and will purchase an aquarium heater for use 100°F temperature colour processing. The unit will not be plumbed in, I will use a 20L container for tempered wash water.

    Any further help or encouragement is welcomed - Rotary processing is new to me as all I have done before is dip and dunk and small hand line processing.

    Some photographs of the control panel can be seen here: http://www.londontramways.net/atl1000-pix/index.html

    Thanks in advance for your help

    nn :smile:
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    I have owned both the 1000 and its fully programmable sibling
    the 1500, my current model. You are going to love the ease
    and consistency of automated rotary processing.

    I'm out of town but when I return I'll check my manual for you. But I'm fairly sure the plus-minus settings apply only to bottle 1 solutions; not sure if only to B&W processes. The press button is for the water-filler hose that's cradled along the front
    of the row of bottles.

    If I have a PDF copy of the manual I'll get it to you.
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    Congrats on your purchase. They're great little machines.
    When you switch the lower dial to the Cleaning position the press switch is an on/off to control the water flow from that tiny black hose that's nestled on top of chemical reservoirs. Once you've filled the reservoirs with water you close the caps, shut the lid, and the machine goes into the cleaning cycles.
    The Jobo will beep when the cycles are done. Repeat twice.
    For 8x10 film you might try gluing two 4x5 holders end to end. I haven't tried it but it is a possibility that would allow chemical circulation to both sides of the negative/slide.
    Was it Omega-Satter the is covering Jobo in North America? Some sleuthing about on Google might turn up a free manual.
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