INVENT PHOTOGRAPHY Workshops at George Eastman House

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    A unique curriculum chronicling the evolution of photography developed by Mark Osterman, is being offered to the general public for the first time. I think this is a great opportunity for artists, photographers, educators, curators, conservators and anyone who loves history.

    Mark is Process Historian at Eastman House (and also my husband). He has put 23 years of constant research, no kidding, every day and night, and 30 years teaching experience into developing this new program. For the last 10 years, he has spent his time in the Eastman House library rare book room, technology and print archives, his photographic process laboratory and our own studio, where he has created and taught amazing educational programs for the Advanced Residency Program. He was not able to share these programs with the public, because of limited time and facilities.

    (Wait til you see what is being offered... I'd love to take these classes!) When he teaches, you can tell Mark loves what he does. Here's a sampling:

    Tracing the Light: Imagery before Photography - The earliest techniques of creating light-based imagery. Participants will each make their own 19th-century style portable camera obscura (and ribbon-tied folios) to keep and use to make drawings in the formal gardens at George Eastman House; plus learn how to use a tent camera obscura and camera lucida.

    1839: Processes of Daguerre, Talbot and Bayard - Make images using the three processes vying for supremacy in 1839.

    Dawn of Photography - Talbot's Photogenic Drawing Process workshop will be held at the same place where he conducted his experiments: Lacock Abbey! Participants receive mousetrap cameras, portfolios & printing frames to use & keep!

    Albumen Printing (taught by Mark) & Platinum Printing (with master printer Ron Cowie) -- these great teachers will help you make prints using their techniques and formulas -- and unlike other workshops you can then inspect vintage masterworks by Emerson, Robinson, Cameron, Coburn, and many others in the Eastman House collection.

    BTW - this is a trial program. And you know what that means... If there's a class you're interested in, better sign up now.
    - France Scully Osterman

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