Intro to Platinum/Palladium workshop in Washington, DC - October 16-17 2010

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    The course runs Saturday and Sunday, October 16 and 17, at Art Reactor Studios and Workshops, 5614 Baltimore Avenue, Hyattsville, Maryland.

    This class is an intensive, two-day immersion. Students will be able to walk away from the class with a solid foundation for doing their own pt/pd printing. Day one will cover

    History of the technique

    Historic/contemporary practitioners

    Technical basics – chemistry, equipment, paper

    Major controls – negatives, exposure, processing

    Fine controls – contrast control, process variations

    in the classroom. The discussion will be supported by extensive hands-on learning opportunities. Students will learn to choose subject matter, expose and process film to produce negatives suited for platinum/palladium printing. We will produce negatives for use the following day in the printing session.

    On day two, we will walk through the entire process: we will set up the work area, choose materials, prepare chemical solutions, coat paper, expose and process prints, and discuss basic troubleshooting. Advanced topics to include variations on the standard platinum/palladium process will be touched on. We will also discuss the future of this beautiful process, and how it can be combined with new media, with some examples provided. Students will have several finished prints each to take home. Information will be provided on inexpensive options for making a home UV exposure unit.

    A substantial discount can be arranged for buying materials at Bostick & Sullivan for students following the class if they wish to continue working in the process.

    Instructor bio:

    Scott Davis is an internationally recognized platinum printer and published author on the subject of platinum/palladium printing. He has been practicing the craft of fine art photography for over 14 years, with extensive experience in silver based and alternative photographic processes. He received formal training at Maryland Institute College of Art and the Center for Alternative Photography in New York. His work has been exhibited nationally and locally, and published in magazines including Metropolitan Home and Creative Image Maker.