Intro to film Photography in B&W– Large Format with Ray Nelson /October 11-14, 2013

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    Introduction to film Photography in Black & White– Large Format

    You are going to take film photography to a new level, a level of detail and quality that can be achieved by no other photographic media. The amount of information stored in a 4x5 or larger negative is nothing short of amazing. Objects that can't be seen with the naked eye stand out in clear, crisp detail in an enlarged print made from a large format negative. This information produces images that can be quite remarkable in their clarity and impact. If you have ever seen genuine enlarged photographs by Ansel Adams or other large format masters you will know what I mean.

    With quality comes a price. Large format cameras have no automatic features. The physics of light are more difficult to harness as the negatives grow larger affecting exposure, focus, and photographic composition. You will learn to work with large sheets of film, obtain and interpret light meter data, compose your images using shift, swing, and tilt controls unavailable in smaller formats but essential for success in large format. You will learn to develop film and how to compress or expand its tonal range.

    We invite you to bring along your camera, if you have one. If you don't, we will supply one. Similarly, bring along any support equipment; lenses, focus loupe, dark cloth, etc. that you have and be prepared for a late autumn shoot in Montana. Glacier Park anyone?

    Friday – Meet & Greet and Familiarization with Facilities & Equipment

    Saturday – Lecture & Practice

    Classroom lecture & discussion

    Practice Shoots & Negative Developing

    Sunday – Lecture & Practice

    Field Shoot

    Negative Developing

    Monday – Practice & Wrap up


    What to Bring:

    Notebook, pen/pencil, Willingness to learn, Patience

    A more specific list of all equipment and materials needed, will be sent to you via e-mail in advance of your course

    For more information please visit our website at

    Workshops in Montana
    7079 Hwy 83 N
    Condon MT 59826