I'll be in Paris next week, any new hot spots I have to see ?

Discussion in 'Geographic Location' started by rfshootist, Jun 15, 2006.

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    Hi to the Parisian members and to all connaisseurs,

    as every year in June I will visit this Queen of all cities next week, is there anything you could recommend for a photog and Jazz fan ?
    The very latest thing I should not miss ?

    Maybe a current photo or painting exhibition , a famous musician playing in a club, architectural news soemewhere in the city ?

    I'll visit the Grand Palais, which was still closed for redevelopment when I had been there last year
    The plan is also to follow the tracks of the former "Petit Ceinture" with the camera, there are some locations I want to shoot at, Le Fleche d'Or for example, a former station up on Menilmontant , a Jazz Club and Cafe nowadays.

    I'll finally will visit the national photo museum in the Rue Berryer, maybe also the new Fondation HCB on Montparnasse, the "New Morning" is on my plan too and I got a list with some places where the Manouche Jazz is played.

    And staying in the middle of the worst touristic hassle this time (Metro Banche) I will try to compensate myself with checking some of the bars along the Blvd Clichy, Chao Ba, Harry's bar etc. No dsico tho, just sitting, drinking, watch the people with the Nokton readyto shhot and listen to some music is enuff to make me happy.

    Thanks in advance for all insider tips, and oh , i forgot: if Jazz, it should sound like "West coast" once sounded when Bud powell played in Paris ! :D :D Or like Django of course, but i mentioned that already.

    Press PLAY and watch him playing with the two working fingers left at his burned hand!

    Django plays "J'attendrai"