Ilford ULF and 8" Circuit Film

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    Apr 7, 2005
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    A few years ago I was contacted by a photographer looking for circuit camera film. In particular, he was looking for 8" circuit film. So I contacted my Ilford rep to see what I could do about a special order of 8" circuit film. About 5 photographers ordered the 8" circuit film, enough rolls (10 or 12) to make the minimum order.

    When I look at the new items added to the Ilford 2011 ULF special order, I see 8" x 100' HP5+ and it seems familiar. So I look it up and it has the same catalog number 1164965. If your not familiar the EI at the end of the description is for emulsion in.

    So if you know anyone looking for circuit film - it's part of the Ilford 2011 ULF special order. Just another reason for analog photographers to support Ilford.

    Fred Newman