Ilford SFX? [N]

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    Dec 18, 2003
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    I've been around for a couple weeks reading posts and enjoying how much is going on and how deep some of the threads go. I will hop in on some of the other forums soon, philosophy and ethics there is just so much to read first. that said. here is my question.
    Five or six years ago I was shooting a series with Ilford SFX at the time I was shooting with red gels on the lights and a yellow filter. I am startinting a new series and wondered if anyone has used this film and what Dev exposure combinations they liked? I was using Kodak D-11 and exposing it rated at 200-800 seeking high contrast high key. The new work will be similar so are there any sugustions? I like grain which is why I used D-11.
    Here is a shot from that first series. thanks pjc.