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    Michael A. Smith and Paula Chamlee Iceland Workshop July 9–18. There are still two places left. See Click on “Calendar and Workshops” for full information about the workshop and click on “Photographs” to see some of our work from Iceland. The photographs will give you an idea of some of the places we will be going to during the workshop. All formats are welcome.

    Paula and I have been to Iceland on two seven-week trips in 2004 and in 2006 and are returning this year for another long trip. We will take you to all the best places to photographs and ones with easiest access so more time is spent working and less driving around or hiking. And you get the Vision part of our Vision and Technique Workshop. We can virtually guarantee that your whole approach to looking on the ground glass, and to making photographs in any format will change and that new visual vistas will open up, whether you are in a particularly beautiful place like Iceland or in your own backyard.

    Here is a comment from someone who was already a very accomplished photographer regarding the Vision part of our Vision and Technique Workshop:

    "Thank you for making the workshop such an unforgettable experience. I'll likely never look at a photograph or my ground glass the same way again. From reading various posts on the Internet, I figured I knew what Paula was going to do under the darkcloth looking at the ground glass, but she opened up a whole new world during that 30 minute session. I couldn't be more excited!"

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    I met your 2010 Iceland Workshop assistant, Dan, at a workshop I gave in Yosemite in April. My impression is that you chose a most excellent person for the job!

    Good luck and have fun in Iceland!!