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    my fellow APUGers,
    Myself and a few friends started a music review magazine about a year ago called TEN Music Mag.
    Its an online only music rag at this point. We pick 10 albums to review and create the magazine. Its fairly unique in that I use it as a creative outlet for my graphic design tendencies, this being one of the main reasons we started the magazine, along with our mutual affection towards the art of music.
    In the coming issue, I'm actually writing a review of an icelandic band, Sigur Rós. They recently released a double CD called Hvarf/Heim and will be releasing a Documentary DVD called Heima, of a series of performances they did through out their home country of Iceland. I am compiling the two (Double CD and DVD film) into one review given that the two are interconnected.
    The reason I'm posting is I know that many on here have gone to iceland and photographed some (Bill Schwabs iceland workshop etc) and am wondering if possibly anyone would like to donate some images for the article. Likely negs scans would be simplest.
    The music of Sigur Rós is very characteristic of the Icelandic landscape in general, very stark, barren, orchestral and powerful. (Im a huge fan, by the way) so many of the images I've seen of iceland are very indicative of the music's feeling.
    We do not have a dime in money to pay anyone for images, if you look through the current/back issues youll notice a majority of the images are either press photos or plucked from my large personal back log of film scans. So if you are hoping for compensation, cant offer it. We all do this in our freetime and just because we enjoy doing it.
    Take a look at some of the back issues if you are interested.
    Just wanted to see if anyone was possibly interested in having their work incorporated into a music review. We currently have a fair amount of people downloading each issue, so its some minor exposure.