How to fix my Omega enlarger?

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    Aug 17, 2013
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    I have an entire darkroom setup in my garage. We got it all out of the boxes yesterday and today.

    Setting a table top up for the enlarger.

    Original steel table braces which my grandfather made by hand for my fathers darkroom in the 70's. My dad sold all of his equipment but kept these.


    Here is the table top set up, and to the right is the tub which will contain all the chemicals etc.


    THE BIG ISSUE! I can't get the enlarger head to sit back into the thing. The black things to the left and right of the "struts" are mis-aligned, must have happened when we moved it and I can't figure out how to set them back straight so the enlarger can sit on it properly. We did plug it in and heard it working but we are not sure if it will need a new bulb.


    Here you can see the mis-alignment:
    The black things on either side.

    LEFT SIDE: Can't get the rod in there for sure

    RIGHT SIDE: to far out not flush.