HELP!!! NEED HELP ASAP!!! - Tamron adaptall lens problem, URGENT!!!

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    Aug 5, 2012
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    Not sure if i'm posting in the right section but this is the closest I have found.

    I have a Tamron adaptall 70-210mm f4/5.6 lens that I use on my Nikon FM10. Today I got a filter set that I've ordered from ebay and one of the things from the set was a 52mm adapter ring for the filters. After puting it on my kit 35-70 lens it all worked fine, but when i screwed it on the tamron lens it got stuck, now, I've managed to take the adapter ring off but now I have the whole front element come off (it unscrewed) and when I screw it back the lens won't focus and is stuck at a certain focus. No matter how I turn the focus ring nothing happens.

    I need help fixing this, I'm having a foto session in a few hours and I need urgent help.

    Thank you in advance