heads up on cheap graphic arts film

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    FYI only - I bought some film on eBay but haven't used it yet. Seller contacted me & said he is moving shop & closing out private-labeled Kodak Polychrome films - what doesn't sell will be dumped. They are brands like ByChrome and Gator. He has a toll-free number for questions.

    eBay seller is ootfan15/ Patten (Patton?) Graphic Supplies.

    What I bought was 24" x 200' and 30"x200' conventional camera film (0.004", not 0.007") and 15.75"x100' x 0.004" IR photodiode ImageWriting film (for a challenge- it's for 780 nm and is about 2 stops down at 650, sensitivity is only graphed to 830 but is about same sensitivity at 830 as as 750, and declining).

    Initial pricing is 19.99/ roll. He has 24" x 200' economy camera film and a couple sizes of IR photodiode film left. US shipping is 9.95 or 14.95 depending on size.

    I lost to someone else 1 week, and was only bidder the next so I got mine at 19.99/roll.

    No combined shipping discount at those prices...pay per roll.

    I have not used any of mine yet. It was fresh or newly expired. Can talk with seller on phone if one wants to.

    This is FYI only for the daring experimenters out there. I intend to do my own sensitometry to the extent I am able. I realize this is not for everyone, and many do not like to work with the thin film (0.004"). Camera film can use conventional ortho safelight. IR photodiode film can use the dark green for very short period.

    My only connection is as a buyer, described above.