Hands-On Holography with Ed Wesly /August 25-30, 2013

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    Holograms, although complex in theory, are surprisingly easy to make! The missing ingredient for the darkroom photographic enthusiast is the laser, but most everything else can be made in the do-it-yourself mode familiar to the alternative photographic process practitioner.

    Hands-on techniques will be stressed over theory, and the workshop student will make a variety of holograms. Some will be able to be viewed with either a laser or with ordinary light. Some of the holograms’ images will be totally behind the window of the hologram, while others will straddle the film plane, or even be contained in a cylinder. Color control and multi-color image techniques will also be taught, along with how to make rainbow projecting optical elements.

    Besides laboratory exercises, there will be slide shows on the history of holography, a survey of holographic artworks, and the debunking of various non-holograms. Display considerations will be discussed.

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