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    OK guys, don't flame me to bad..I am a photo junkie and the Amon Carter put up another exhibit this week (opened yesterday 2/7/2004 will be up until 10/17/2004) that I think is very unique.

    The show has the following photographers (note I said photographers not artist) Carolotta Corpron, Nell Dorr, Laura Gilpin, Eliot Porter, Erwin E. Smith, and Karl Struss. Of the group I was not aware of the work of Corpron, Dorr or Struss. What makes this a very good, if not great, exhibit is that there are the photographs of each, but more important there are letters, books, even tax returns from each of the photographers.

    From Struss was one of his lens (he apparently was responsible for all of those soft-focus portraits in the 20's-30's),

    From Porter was a PROFIT/LOSS statement from 1952 I think, plus a breakdown of what he had done for years 1948 - 1952.

    Ms. Gilpin provided a wonderful set of notes of her journey into Canyon de Chelly (had just visited there back in Oct. of 03)

    Mr. Smith had a great photo of Pawnee Bill and a sketch he made at age 17.

    The largest collection was from Ms. Dorr, and while much of her work did not move me like some others, there was a letter to her from A. Stieglitz from 1944 that was most interesting, then a letter Ms. Dorr sent to E. Steichen that was very harsh and to the point..compared him to Hilter and Stalin...Then the there was a hand made book of hers that was a mockup that most of us would have loved to own.

    So, if you are in the area this is one I think most photographers would enjoy and students of the history of photography, I think it is a not miss.

    Yeah I know I did not list anything from Ms. Corpron, I will have to go back and make notes..the memory is not what it use to be.