Graphic Kowa 210mm in Copal #1

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    Dec 30, 2008
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    Hey Guys,

    this little lens(with big coverage, ~380mm IC) hasn't been getting much use lately, I've been using my longer lenses. So its now on the chopping block for someone else to enjoy!

    Glass: Has some micro swirl scratches on the front element. I'm sure the front cell has been disassembled at some time, hence a small smudge or something inside the front group. Also some minor internal dust inside the front and rear.

    So, its a USER-grade lens. Not for you collector, "never use it, keep it in the gun safe all the time" types :wink:. That is, unless you still want it!

    Shutter: runs fine, I've never had it professionally time. My film looks fine though. The aperture scale is a DIY, please note that the RED marks are the accurate ones to use. The cocking arm DOESN'T automatically spring back, it will need to be returned manually. This doesn't affect the usability of it though.

    what's included:

    Lens, shutter, and retaining ring. Lensboard CAN be included for another $20.

    no caps are included, I was keeping this in a lenswrap with some oversized lenscaps to protect the cells, worked fine for me.

    price is $500 SHIPPED in the USA, int'l add $25 for shipping costs, fully insured

    Paypal(as a gift, or you cover the fees), money order, personal check(will have to clear first), or cash, I'm cool either way.