Gossen Profisix (Luna-pro SBC) malfunction

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    Jun 27, 2005
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    hopefully someone out there could help me.
    My Gossen Profisix (same as Luna-Pro SBC for the US market) has been working reliably for years. My favorite meter.

    Recently I bought a Profi-spot (Multibeam) attachment for it, and it worked too. But after this the meter doesn't work on its own (without the attachment). It shows the same exposure (1/4 s at f/2.8 for ISO 100) whatever the light. Sunlight, dark room -- the same. With the spot attachment on, it works again and is accurate.

    Since the spot attachment is connected to the basic meter via several electric jacks (for purposes of automatic compensation, no need to manually set correction on the dial), I suspected a contact deep there in the socket that could remain depressed after the attachment is removed. To get there, I'd have to take the meter apart, but couldn't figure out how to do this. I don't want to force things, so tried to be delicate in my attempts.

    There's no Gossen authorized service center locally (St.Petersburg, Russia), so I'm looking for an advice. If someone doesn't have a solution to the problem but knows how to safely take the meter housing apart, please respond.

    Thanks in advance everyone who have taken their time to read.

    Regards, Mikhail Konovalov