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    Apr 24, 2006
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    I got a very good deal on Ilford paper last year, but at my current rate of printing I'm worried it will be past its best before I manage to use it all.

    So, there is a box of 50 sheets of Ilford MG FB matt 16"x20" (current retail price ~£100) and a box of 100 sheets of Ilfobrom Galerie FB gloss 8x10" Grade 2 (current retail price ~£65). Both boxes factory sealed, shipped direct from suppliers warehouse to me, stored in cool conditions, and were coated in 2006 (batch codes checked with Harman). I've been printing on other boxes with identical batch codes and the paper behaves just as if it was freshly coated.

    In return, I am looking for the following items:

    plastic 35mm slide storage boxes
    67mm medium yellow filter
    58mm yellow/green filter
    58mm medium red filter
    Storage sleeves or negative pages for quarter plate (3.25" x 4.25")
    Fotospeed LD20 lith developer
    35mm Elitechrome 100/Ektachrome E100G/Provia 100
    35mm Ilford HP5+
    120 ADOX CHS 50
    Ilford MG Warmtone FB paper
    6x6 slide projector
    Quarter plate film/plate holders for Zeiss Ikon Trona 212
    13x18cm "Millionenfalz" film/plate holders for Ica Ideal 385

    Willing to ship the paper, although probably only practical within the UK, or meet somewhere in the North Hampshire, Surrey, South/West London area. Please feel free to offer anything, even if it's just a filter, as I would prefer the paper to go to good use rather than just throw it away in a few years time. Also, if you think what you're offering is worth more than the paper, name your price and I will consider paying the difference. I'm happy to trade just one box of paper if you don't want both.

    Best offers received over the next month get the paper!