FT: 1/2 lb of 3 micron Alumina Powder to make GG

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    Jan 3, 2008
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    I have a 1LB container (you get half) of 3 micron aluminum powder. Use with water to make a paste to make your own ground glass. All you need it two pieces of plate glass, the aluminum powder, and water.

    You can look it up on the web how to do it. I have successfully made several pieces and plate glass is easy to cut with a $3 glass cutter; just score and snap.

    To put it into perspective; you only need a teaspoon or two to make a 4X5 piece of ground glass.

    I would be happy to trade for a safelight, I bought an 11w red bulb that is in the mail to me now but I found I need a brown safelight for the Ilford Multigrade IV paper I bought off of craigslist last night.

    Feel free to make me offers for trade for other darkroom items, I am just starting out making contact prints and need some items I am sure I did not think to order from BHPhoto.

    I already have:

    Trays, Tongs, Developer, Clips, Paper, 8X10 Contact Frame, Paper Safe.

    I also need a loupe for using with my Toyo 45A if you happen to have a suitable one around that is cheaper. I have a 10X for my lightbox but it will scratch my GG since it does not have a rubber suction type bottom.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.