FS: Very rare Nikon non-AI 2x and 3x multipliers

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    Ahoy mateys and swab me jibbers. Going through some things here, I've found what could be a couple of very nice stocking stuffers for the Nikon lover in your house. Or in case you want to give somebody a terrific "mystery gift", this could be the answer. At any rate, what we have here are two Nikon lens multipliers. One is a 2x and the other is a 3x. You need to know the 3x multiplier has lost its little pin which connects with the lens but a clever person (meaning you) has already figured out that a long small screw with a nut that would hold it in place is the answer to this problem. And in just a shake or two of my parrot Mongo's tail, I'm going to show you why a small defect like that might make no difference at all. That's right, by now you probably know the tale doesn't stop with camera parts. It seldom does, does it? These multipliers which are slightly dusty but in otherwise good shape can be attached to a Nikon lens and transformed into a telescope. With just a gram of imagination it is easy. Just take a look at Captain Fandango (our salty model) below as he gives you a right and left hand view of the pose you could cut if you only had lens accessories like these. Do they really work well as a telescope? Nope, they're actually lousy for that, but since you're the only one that will be using the telescope, you don't need to reveal that fact to a single soul. For all they know, you could be the next Amerigo Vespucci. If anyone asks, just tell 'em Captain Fandango once used the scope and that ought to shut them up for a while.

    Speaking of which, I'm reminded of a limerick: There once was a sailor named Bates who did a fandango on skates. He fell on his cutlass which rendered him nutless and totally useless on dates.

    So buy these fine lenses tonight. $20 plus actual cost of shipping.

    PayPal ok for international buyers but check/cash/money order/gold coins for domestic buyers, please.


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