FS: Pentax K1000 w/ 50mm f2

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    K1000(Hong Kong) + 50mm F/2 lens

    Here is my last K1000 body. Its in great shape cosmetically from the outside, purrs like a kitten, but has some schmutz on the inside of the viewfinder. It looks like a small piece of foam residue almost. When pressing your eye to the finder, it'll look like an out-of-focus darkish blob, semi-transparent, but it hasn't affected MY picture taking with it.

    Meter works well, and has proved to be very accurate. Fresh(6/12) battery is installed, so you should be ready to go right out of the box!

    Purrs like a kitten, even the slow speeds sound gorgeous, although I haven't clocked them against a shutter tester(I don't have one, save my watch :wink:) to test for clinical accuracy. My film looks fine though...

    $50 shipped/paypal'd(or a USPS Money Order) for the pair in the USA.