FS or FT: Ansco 5x7 with 4x5 back, holders, and petzval lens!

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    This camera has been up here before and I changed my mind, but I have made up my mind to sell it now. Due to some bills piling up and an excess of clutter I've got to let go of my Ansco 5x7 It's a front-tilt model in mostly good shape but has some finish wear on the grey paint and metal bits. It has 3 backs, one is a B&J back frankensteined on to an Ansco. It works just fine and doesn't look too much out of place. The second is the original Ansco
    5x7 back but sans ground-glass and missing on GG clip. There is also a 4x5 back in dark wood rather than battleship grey. All knobs work, and there is a minor amount of play due to age. The rear standard clamp doesn't hold all that well but I haven't experienced any problems with it. The knob for the rear extension holds firm. There are also about 8 or 9 5x7 holders, mostly wood in fair shape. At least 6 are usable and some others might be with work. If you'd like I also have a nearly complete second camera for parts that I began to refinish and never followed through, I'd include it at no extra cost. I also have a 50 sheet box of Adox CHS 25 and Efke PL25. The Efke is
    still sealed and the Adox is missing about a dozen sheets. All that I've developed from the Adox are X-ray fogged and I'd presume the same is true of the Efke. I'll throw them in for free if you'd like to mess around or think you can get something usable out of them.

    The only lensboard I have I did a very poor job of filing out to mount an old brass projection petzval on. It looks a little funny, but it works! The lens covers 4x5 well enough and on 5x7 it has a somewhat small zone of sharp focus in the center and plenty of swirliness at the edges.

    I don't have a digicam to take pictures but I'll try to borrow one and get pictures up ASAP. I will ship anywhere at your cost. If you're up in Nanaimo you're welcome to come see it in person! I'm willing to deliver anywhere on Vancouver Island if I have a commitment to purchase, and Vancouver if you pick up round-trip ferry costs.

    Asking $350 (Canadian dollars), or best offer. I will also consider trades for a Bronica ETRSI kit.

    Also for sale on LF ForumCAD
    Price : 350.00