FS: MINT Graflex 2x3 cut fillm magazine ("Bag-mag")

Discussion in '[Classifieds] For Sale' started by Captain_joe6, May 10, 2010.

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    Mar 3, 2007
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    What we've got here is a beautiful 2.25x3.25 Graflex cut film magazine, commonly called a 'bag-mag.' These are absolutely fantastic, and all I use for my 4x5 Graflex RB. This little guy is in absolutely pristine condition, save for some rub marks on the seams of the leather bag. The structure of the leather, however, is just fine and I promise it to be in light-proof condition. I've replaced the bags on a few of my 4x5 magazines, so I know how these are put together and how they tend to fail. This one has lots and lots of life left in it!

    Second to the leather bag, the next most important part of any bag-mag are the septums. Often bent and straightened, but never left quite right, this little trooper has all 12 original, matching, mint condition septums, with bright reflective numbers on the back of each. This gizmo is going to make some Graflex nut very, very happy. That happiness can be bought for just $30, plus shipping to anywhere it'll be most loved.

    Now, I'm a struggling BFA student, and I know that may others out there are in similarly rough spots right now. I'm in Portland, OR, and if anyone in the greater PDX area wants the the bag mag, it can be a local steal for $25, greenbacks only.

    Payments on this for non-Portlanders will be accepted as Paypal (+3%, waived for students), money orders, or checks (which must pass muster). PM offers, post requests and questions, and let the small-format mayhem commence!