FS/FT: Zone VI'd Pentax Digital Spotmeter

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    Here's my last Pentax digital spotmeter. They're wonderful meters, but I REALLY need to cut down my excess equipment, and I've decided that I want (1) meter for EVERYTHING, so that means a digital Sekonic.

    ***I am also open to doing a STRAIGHT TRADE for a EXC++/Mint Sekonic L-558(R) w/ the Pocketwizard module. We each cover shipping from our own end cost-wise***

    Here's the skinny on this meter:

    I've done some cosmetic/working "mods" to it to make some things easier in the field:

    1. Velcro on the cap + meter: this serves the primary function of NO LOST CAP during metering. See green gaffer's tape to aid in easy location if it is indeed dropped.
    2. Bright green tape. Gaffer's tape, easily removed if you want it to be.
    3. METAL lenscap. When I got this initially, the plastic cap was cracked, so I found a nice solid metal cap, and have used that since(tape on barrel of meter is so its a nice,snug fit for the cap since its a bit too big).

    Strap is non-stock, its very nice though, so I left it.

    Here's some other details you should be aware of:

    1. The Zone system sticker(zones III-vIII) has been lost. Easy to replace, I believe Mr. Ritter can replace this for a nominal fee. Or just make your own. I never found it necessary for my working, but I'll leave it as-is for this sale.
    2. Internally, the surrounding "baffle" is a tiny bit askew. I got it this way, but its never been an issue with metering, so I didn't feel it necessary to "fix"
    3. Inside there is a "white residue" on some of the barrel. Not sure what it is, but I took some diluted 1% bleach solution to it(99parts distilled H20 + 1part bleach) and swabbed it up, "just in case". Hasn't affected anything that I can tell.
    4. Some minor scrathes, rub marks or paint/anodizing loss here and there, but nothing that seems to affect anything other than cosmetic appearance.

    Selling for $240 shipped in the USA, or a straight trade for a L-558R meter as stated above
    Paypal(split fees 50/50) or USPS Money Order.
    Int'l shipping IS available, int'l buyers please add an add'l $25 for extra shipping costs.


    more pictures to be seen here:
    http://s788.photobucket.com/albums/yy161/mr_danielstone/Pentax Spotmeter/