FS Five 2 1/4" 3 1/4" film holders, expired Kodak, Ilex 6 1/2" lens, 4x5 neg carrier

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    For sale is:

    Five 2.25 x 3.25" film holders. Two are "Fidelity" brand, three are made by Graflex. These are in used but good shape. One of the Graflex holders has "Pure Oil" lightly etched on one side of the top of the casing piece (not inside of the holder). These are from the estate of a photographer who was a Pure Oil employee at some point in time, so I'm not sure of the significance of the etching on this film holder. It's not a logo or something official looking, just hand-written.

    Along the same lines of the "test" sheets included in the recent listing, also included is the remnants of a box of Tri-X Pan, and ASA 125 Plus-X Pan. The Plus-X states "Dev. Before Jan 1967" and has 19 tally marks and "Out of Box" hand-written. The Tri-X is "Dev. Before May 1969", and has 20 "Out of Box" tally marks. When I counted the boxes in the darkroom, I remember it being about ten or fifteen sheets total, so this tally would indicate six sheets of Plus-X and five sheets of Tri-X. I don't know how it was stored so it's being included for free.


    $40 shipped in the US, contact for international purchase.

    Next: Ilex (former spin-off of Bausch and Lomb) 6 1/2" f/4.5 lens. It had been mounted in a old Simmons Bros. Omega DII type enlarger, but I understand it was also included with some Graflex cameras (?). The glass is in good shape, and there are so many blades the aperture looks almost perfectly circular at all f-stops. It's my understanding this is a Tessar-type design.

    Includes thread flange with side paint wear whether you want the enlarger mount or not. Also, I have the original front cap, and a generic back cap that does not stay on but can be used for vertical storage / shipping. These are also included. The enlarger mount has a built-in safelight filter that swivels in and out of the way of the lens.

    Photos will be included with a set below.

    Lastly: A 4x5 negative carrier that was with the same old-style Omega DII. I photographed it so you can determine if it may be possible to use on your enlarger, because I really don't know if you can or not.

    4x5 negative carrier and Ilex 6 1/2" lens and enlarger mount on Photobucket

    Make offers on the negative carrier and lens.