FS. E. & H. T. Anthony 5x7 Normandie

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    Feb 21, 2011
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    From what I can tell it is a well used and modified Normandie 5x7.

    Bellows are reasonably good but have pin-holes in inner folds. Gaffer's tape would help or the elmers and lamp black method. I wouldn't hesitate to use with dark cloth setting over them (the bellows) during exposures in full sun.

    Has sliding 5x7 back with septum. Sliding back needs glass and a little TLC. All wood parts that have unglued are accounted for.

    Have Burke and James (grey painted) grid ground glass/with snap out viewing shade that will fit with modification of "pins". (Fits in place of sliding apparatus). Back wood pieces need some gluing and TLC. Packard shutter is operational. I will include the lens board not pictured (with Packard pin).

    Looks like the wood was SPLIT on the rear where the rear swing stanchion screw to the horizontal stanchion. It is REPAIRED well with plywood grafted in and is sturdy.

    Rear square is 10x10" with inner rabbet about 9 5/8 square. Good solid project camera. OH... it's dirty... but original finish is undisturbed (other than defects above). You decided what to do.

    The rails do fold flat, but tend to point up because of bellows tension.

    $140 shipped to the Lower US 48.
    Otherwise Canada or Alaska Hawaii pay premium TBD.



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