FS Canon VT W/50mm Summicron

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    The good, the bad and yes, the ugly.
    Very early production camera, Leica thread mount. Sn's start about 500,000, this one is less than 700 over that #. Cloth shutter curtains, not metal.
    The speeds appear to be on, Viewfinder and rangefinder are clear and contrasty, leatherette entirely intact.
    These cameras have 35 and 50mm framing through the finder. The framing is controlled by a thumb wheel on the back. There is also a RF setting that increases the magnification for critical focus. Selectable M and X flash sync. The RW release is around the shutter release.
    You may notice there's no advance lever or RW knob. To load the camera, a retractable winding knob is unlocked & pulled up on the RH side, for RW a knob pops up on the LH side. For use, it uses a trigger wind similar to a Leicavit and the counter is manual reset.

    Bad & Ugly: both bottom, front corners are dented, there's a picture of the worst one. the is a small depression on the top LH portion of the cover that is only visible in angled light.

    50mm/2 collapsible Summicron. Very low Sn995xxx, this is the one with the radio active front element. The front glass is discolored, normal for this lens. Focus is smooth, collapses & extends smoothly, aperture blades appear clean & operate smoothly. No dents, ding, or rough spots on the barrel.

    Bad & Ugly:CLEANING MARKS, a whole bunch. I've seen worse & the lens' performance was still acceptable.
    The aperture indicator and numbers don't line up 100%. They are off by the diameter of the indicator dot. If you're nitpicky it'll drive you up a wall but it has no real effect on the operation or performance.

    Comes with Leica 39mm SL filter and instruction book.
    IF you buy this camera READ THE BOOK it's very specific about the loading method.
    $495.00 Includes shipping and insurance to CONUS, international would be actual shipping.
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