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    INSTANT The Story of Polaroid Cover Price $24.95. My price including shipping to USA address and PayPal: $19 Hard cover book with dust jacket, like new

    INSISTING ON THE IMPOSSIBLE, The Life of Edwin Land Cover Price $30. My price including shipping to USA address and PayPal: $22 Hard cover book with dust jacket, like new

    Both including shipping to USA address and PayPal: $38 like new.

    The books are quite different. Instant is about the Polaroid Corporation and its positioning in the marketplace and its products. “Insisting on the Impossible” centers on Dr. Land his interests and accomplishments. As a long time admirer of Polaroid I found that together the books give a very comprehensive view of the corporation, its products, and perhaps most importantly the people involved.

    INSTANT The Story of Polaroid by Christopher Bonanos, © 2012 Released Sept 26, 2012. Like new.

    I got it last week and read it once. As expected it is an excellent book that describes the story and people behind the Polaroid photographic products. This book has received excellent reviews.

    "“Pictures in a minute!" In the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s, Polaroid was the hottest technology company on Earth, and innovation machine that cranked out one irresistible product after another. It was even the company after which Steve Jobs said to have modeled Apple, and the comparison is true. Jobs’s hero Edwin Land and Polaroids visionary founder, turned his 1937 garage startup into a billion-dollar pop-culture phenomena. Instant: The Story of Polaroid, a richly illustrated, behind-the-scenes look at the company, tells the tale of lands extraordinary and beloved invention. From the introduction of Polaroid's first instinct camera in 1948 to its meteoritic rise in dramatic collapse and bankruptcy in the 2000s, Instant is both a cautionary tale about tech companies that lose their edge and a remarkable story of American ingenuity."

    INSISTING ON THE IMPOSSIBLE, The Life of Edwin Land, by Victor K. McElheny. ©1998. Like new with dust jacket. I read it one time earlier this year. Book and jacket are like new.

    If a single life exemplifies the interim drive that fires a great inventor, it is the life of Edwin Land. The major innovations that he was able to achieve in photography, optics, industry, and science policy carried priceless lessons for readers today

    Insisting on the Impossible is the first full-scale biography of this Magellan of modern technology. Victor McElheny reveals this startling scope and daring spirit of lands scientific and entrepreneurial genius. Second only to Edison the number of patents he received (535), land built a modest enterprise into a gigantic "invention factory," turning out not only polarizers in the first instinct cameras, but also high-speed and x-ray film, identification systems, three-D and instant movies and military devices for night vision and aerial reconnaissance. As a scientist, land developed a new theory of color vision; as a science advisor to Eisenhower during the Cold War he spearheaded the development of the U-two spy plane and helped design NASA.

    Behind these protean achievements was a relentless curiosity, a magical public presence, and a willful optimism that drew him again and again to conquer "the impossible." In an era when qualities are needed more than ever, this masterly biography will speak to anyone involved or interested in business, science, photography, educational reform, or government.

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