FS: ARCA-Swiss 15cm Monorail I

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    This is a 15cm (150mm) ARCA-Swiss Monorail I. This is the perfect short rail for transporting the front and rear standards of your F-Line, M-Line, Discovery or older, Oschwald era ARCA-Swiss camera.

    This is the original, low profile F-Line Monorail I style rail. It is fully compatible with all ARCA-Swiss function carriers, from the original Oschwald era to the current models. It is also compatible with the side clamping extension brackets, both knob style (Oschwald era) and lever style (original F-Line era). It is NOT compatible with the current bottom clamping Extension Bracket II style of extension brackets.

    Please be sure it's compatible with your extension bracket before purchasing. If you're not sure, just ask, and send me a photo of your extension bracket by PM.

    Here's a couple photos:



    Price is $70 + shipping.