FS: 8x10 Calumet C-1

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    Jan 23, 2008
    4x5 Format
    For sale, a Calumet C-1. Not shown but included is a green 8x10->4x5 reducing back. There are lots of photos on Flickr. Note the condition of the bellows near the rear standard - I last used the camera over the summer and they were light tight (but I last formally checked them when I got the camera). There's one cracked plastic knob, and one of the metal knobs is off the back standard (I have that one - the head on the set screw is stripped out). The thin sheet metal rails which interface between the camera rails and the tripod block are missing on the front section - its usable as is with the limitation that you keep the tripod block as shown in the photos. A previous owner remounted the lower lensboard slider to make it fixed - looks ugly but it seems to work okay.

    Looking for $275 net to me. Paypal is preferred. Shipping will be expensive - UPS ground will probably be cheapest. Id be happy to meet you within a 60-70 mile radius of NYC (snow permitting)


    IMG_9994 by Fotoguy20d, on Flickr