FS: 2 Timers & Film Dryer

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    Apr 4, 2010
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    I have an Omega CT25 enlarger timer for sale. I'd like $30.00 + shipping

    Time-o-lite timer; it works, don't know how accurate it is. This came to me when I bought a package deal of things, I have never used it other than to plug it in and see if it works, it does. $10.00 + shipping

    Kleen-Dri Film Dryer; this will fit a 120 roll of film or 2 35mm rolls of film. Uses a desiccant and fan. I have used it just to test it, but don't need this. Instructions are on the device itself. Can't use one of these for 4x5 film though I do still shoot 35mm too. $15.00 + shipping. SOLD Pending Payment

    I'm just trying to clean things out. Make an offer, if you prefer a different price.
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