"Friends of Project Basho" Opens this Thursday with Reception, Philadelphia

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    “Friends of Project Basho”: November 8th - 30th
    ::: Opening Reception: Thursday, November 8th, 6-9 pm :::

    To celebrate the completion of its new gallery space, Project Basho is pleased to announce the inaugural show, titled “Friends of Project Basho.” It runs November 8th through 30th, and follows the successful POST open studio weekend. The reception is open to public, and will be accompanied by the turntables of DJ Einstein.

    “Friends of Project Basho” will feature the works of students, instructors, monitors, darkroom users, and others who have been actively engaged in photographic activities at Project Basho. The walls will represent the community and the diversity of talent at Project Basho, as well as display a vibrant segment of the current photographic scene in Philadelphia.

    The photographers included are: Olivia Antsis, Mary Arnold-Brightwell, Emily Barnhart, Aaron Bechtel, Richard Boutwell, Gary Briechle, Robert Cocozza, Ryan Collerd, Genevieve Coutroubis, Mary Crowley, Christa Cywinski, Olga Dekalo, Suzanne Delaney, Alfred For, Jacob Hellman, Dutch Huff, Jessica Hoffman, Tsuyoshi Ito, Kerik Kouklis, Kara Lafleur, Este Lewis, Lauren Mackiewicz, Scott McMahon, Julie Melton, Brenna Murphy, Joshua Peach, Salazar-Borja, Karen Sobolewski, Rod Sutherland, Jim Stogdill, and current and past students at Project Basho.

    Project Basho
    1305 Germantown Ave.
    Philadelphia, PA 19122

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    Project Basho is a photography resource center located on Germantown Avenue in Old Kensington in Philadelphia. With the community darkroom as the locus of the program, Project Basho offers classes and workshops on historical processes and other formal issues in photography. Project Basho is committed to re-introducing photography to Philadelphia by fostering a vibrant culture of photography through an array of educational programs such as informal critiques, lectures, and panel discussions. Project Basho now houses a gallery space on Germantown Avenue as well. Unique architectural details and a 14 ft foot ceiling create a space that is both spacious and intimate.