Found new (old) E6/C41 Lab in So Cal

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    Just a note to you So Cal folks..

    I had some 4x5 tranny film for a project and have been sending in to A&I in Hollywood the last year or more...

    A few weeks ago someone mentioned a lab I used to use several years ago, but thought closed, had only moved. So I ventured over on Monday and was surprised and happy to see they are still doing E6 and C41 processing.

    4x5 sheet E6 is $2.50 per sheet and 8x10 is $5.50...more than comparable to other labs, and less than A&I I think...

    They'll also process 35 and 120/220, both E6 and C41, but can't print 120/220 as they are printing with a d*****l printer and haven't the volume to justify the accessories for that.

    The owner, Tony, said he might up and join APUG and become a sponsor, possibly offering APUG'rs a discount and will definitely do mail order.

    I am thrilled, for what little color I do, to have a local source.
    I posted this here as to only generate interest for them, so that perhaps this local source is here for years to come...(selfish but honest) Tony has no current intention of discontinuing this service. I am not affiliated with them in any way other than as a client.


    Here's their link/info: