Fotospeed Bleach and Ilford Paper???

Discussion in 'Presentation & Marketing' started by jovo, Jun 17, 2005.

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    Feb 8, 2004
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    In the never ending battle to defeat the ravaging vandalism of LF negative dust demons and the insidious corruption of the black spots they leave on my prints , I bought the Fotospeed retouching kit. It consists of three bottles of dye (black, dark grey and some sort of brown dye as well) and a two part bleach. The directions for the bleach tell you to mix equal parts of bottle A with bottle B (which I did using a medicine dropper) and bleach away. Well....using Ilford MGIV FB paper...nothing, and I mean NOT A THING!! happened. I tried a second time with a new batch...again...ZIPPO!! Then I tried using A by itself on the print followed by B (as with the Spotpens)....NADA!! Is it me?? Bad Karma or what???

    I'd love to hear of anyone else's experience with this. Did I do something wrong, or is the Ilford paper just impervious to this form of bleach (the Ilford RC paper I used to use, i.e. was totally unaffected by even straight blobs of potferri...). What to do??
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    that paper will bleach, as we do it in our lab on occasion; however, not with that product.

    we use "ferri", a 10% solution, about 10 drops with about 5ml of very weak fixer.

    wet print and work with running water so the bleach does not run down the print and bleach that as well.