Experiences with National Camera repair course on escapement retard shutters?

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    On Ebay I've found a seller advertising a reprint of the National Camera repair course section on escapement retard shutters. Even if I never attempt to repair a shutter, this would likely be some interesting reading. Has anyone purchased this reprint, or the original, and found it worth their $50?
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    I don't know if it's worth $50, depends on how much you want it. I took the National Camera courses in 1969-1971. They were very good. I found I could fix most any piece of photographic equipment from this education. Tom Love, the founder & president, was a neat guy. Met him an an AOPA Convention in San Antonio in 1975. Unfortunately, the whole thing went bust later.
    I still have all my books, which are helpful for fixing old cameras. Nothing on the electronic cameras, however. They came later.
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    When I saw the original post I thought it was a little steep. BUT! It's copies of five manuals that were put out by Natcam. At that $50 point it becomes a lot better value. I was in their last residential course in 1992 & we got the same books they're about 5X8" & pretty good for the $$$.
    If you can take a look at Thomas Tomosy's books, they can also help.
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    In looking for repair information on an Ilex shutter I came upon this thread. For the next person following this path, I then found on eBay a vendor of old manuals. The usual disclaimers, I have no connection, nor have I yet purchased from this vendor. At the time of this post the price was US$40 plus $5 postage to US.

    John Powers

    Quoted from the eBay store of nikondave ( 8511 )
    "Leaf Shutter Repair Manual, Wollensak, Ilex, Alphax etc
    Compur Compound Betax Copal Seikosha Kodak Prontor etc.
    Excellent new, spiral-bound reprint of five lessons from the old National Camera repair course covering escapement retard-type shutters and variations on this design. This includes virtually all variable-speed, leaf-type shutters -- from the old Kodak Dakon, Kodamatic and Diamatic shutters, to Supermatic, Compound, Wollensak Alphax, Rapax, and Prontor shutters, to modern Compur, Copal and Seikosha shutters.
    This is not a "manual" for any specific shutter. However, the lessons were written to teach would-be repair technicians to repair shutters of this type (using many specific shutters as examples) with or without the manual for that shutter.
    Includes the following:
    Simple Escapement Retard Shutters, 1976, 46 pages. Covers shutters of this type including those in many simple 35mm and roll film cameras and the Ilex Universal, Wollensak Alphax, Wollensak Betax shutters, and Gauthier shutters including Vario and Prontor shutters.
    Development of the Escapement Retard Shutter, 1975, 32 pages. Traces the development of the disc shutter through the simple retard shutter, the spring retard, inertia retard and air retard to the escapement retard shutter. Discusses the Compound, Brownie, Dial-Set and Rim-Set Compur, Optimo, Compur Rapid and Kodak Synchro-Rapid shutters.
    Complex Escapement Retard Shutter, Part 1, 1973, 82 pages. Explains the various features of this type of shutter and covers the Kodak Supermatic (including flash-synchronized versions), Kodamatic and Diomatic shutters, Compur shutters (dial set, rim set and synchro) and the Wollensak Rapax shutter.
    Complex Escapement Retard Shutter, Part 2, 1980, 94 pages. Covers self-timers and flash synchronization and the Prontor SVS, Synchro-Compur (specifically the 00-MXV, although other models and sizes use the same principles) and Seikosha (00-SLV) shutters.
    Variations on the Escapement Retard, 1974, 106 pages. Covers shutters in the Argus (C-3 and C-4) and Rollei 35 cameras and the Acme Ilex shutter.
    Since the manual explains how these shutters work, in addition to how to repair them, it is geared to nonprofessional repair technicians or those in training.
    As a general rule (with a few exceptions, most notably some Kodak manuals) a camera repair manual will include repair information for a shutter that is integral to the camera and made by the manufacturer of the camera, but will defer to the shutter manufacturer's manual if the shutter was made by another company.
    You can find antique shutter manuals, as well as manuals for many Compur, Prontor (and others made by Gauthier) Mamiya (Seikosha) and Graflex shutters, and some Kodak and Copal shutters, as well as simple focal-plane shutters, by visiting my eBay store.
    The manual for a specific shutter will usually be more detailed. However, it is virtually impossible to find manuals for the older Compound, Compur, Kodak, Wollensak and Acme shutters.
    Click here to view other shutter manuals listed on eBay.
    World's largest selection of photographic equipment repair manuals. Reprints of more than 2,000 photo repair manuals available. If you are looking for a specific manual, please e-mail me. If I have the manual you are looking for, I will list the manual for sale and notify you by e-mail.
    For hundreds of manuals that cannot be found by browsing or searching eBay auctions, please click here to visit my eBay store."
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    I want to learn professional camera repair course..If u know any training centers or instituation please info me...(ravir12@gmail.com)

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