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    I have 2 Daylight printing drums for sale. I'd rather not ship so posting here first (hope that's "legal"). While designed for color printing, they could certainly be used for b/w to conserve chemicals and/or space.

    One is a Simmons Omega. No model number but effective inside dimensions are length of 19" and diameter of 6.75. No interior guides. Excellent condition. This is a 2 piece drum with tape on the seam; it's water tight. $15

    Other is a Beseler #8901. Box (not shown) included. Effective inside dimensions are length of 11.5" and diameter of 6.75". There are guides on the inside. Like new; appears unused. $20

    Pictures attached. Offers and trades (b/w film or chemicals, Summit Extra Pale Ale, Leica M3 SS) cheerfully considered.

    Also have 2 rolls of Kodak Blotter paper. Appears in good shape. Free for pickup.

    I'm in Plymouth, MN.

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