Crane's Kid Finish-- did they change it?

Discussion in 'Alternative Processes' started by ifgdunn, Oct 13, 2013.

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    Oct 9, 2013
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    I got some Crane's Kid Finish from a friend recently. She'd been hanging on to it since she was in school at SCAD. The paper came from Bostick and Sullivan and is labeled Crane's Kid Finish 32lb pearl white.

    I'm almost out of this paper so I decided to get more of it. B&S doesn't stock it anymore so I went directly to Crane's. It's the same stuff... at least on the outside.

    I printed with it today and the results were dismal. Grainy texture, no contrast, and yellow highlights. I thought it was something I was doing, but I decided to rule out the paper and try the same exposure etc with the old paper. Worlds better.

    What happened with this paper? Did they change it?

    Any recommendations on a pre-cut 8.5x11 paper like the Kid Finish. I really like the stuff my friend gave me.