Canon eos 1n superb condition + angle finder

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    Apr 1, 2006
    Hey everybody I'm having a sort of clearence sale here. All the items are currently residing in Denmark. I will ship worldwide. All prices are without shipping so ask for quotes to your part of the world. I take paypal. I will, of course, donate 3% of the sales to apug. Click the links for pictures.
    I've sold plenty of things on ebay and have 100% feedback with 184 transactions. my ebay username is: mads_hartmann

    I'm selling my canon eos 1n camera. I just don't use it anymore (prefer old manual cameras these days). It works perfectly. Cosmetically it has marks and a few small scrathes here and there as is normal for a 10-15 old camera.
    Only slight minus is that it doesn't have it's motor drive cover, so I've taped it.
    It also comes with a dedicated cable release. the cable release is a little weird as you have to push it to the locked position for it to fire the camera. It works fine though, and it's easy to do (much easier than to explain it anyway).
    I would like to get 120 pounds for it.

    I'm also selling a pentacon angle finder that fits the canon perfectly. It is in great condition and perfect working order. I would like to get 30 pounds for it.