CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS : "Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity" Second Edition

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    Hi APUGers! I've lurked here for a while, but finally registered to let you know about this. I hope to see some great work! Feel free to post or message if you have questions.
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    CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS : "Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity" Second Edition

    Now reviewing work for inclusion in the second edition of Plastic Cameras: Toying with Creativity, a comprehensive book on the history and current state of the genre of toy & plastic camera photography. Currently in its third printing, the first edition features work by 34 photographers, and has reached audiences worldwide. Author Michelle Bates lectures and teaches extensively, giving further exposure to the artists in the book.

    For the second edition, we will be adding images and photographers, in addition to mention of new resources, including exhibition and books since the first edition in fall 2006. We are also including information about new toy cameras and techniques.

    Accepting submissions of (more information below on each):

    -Ideas, techniques, links, etc for inclusion in the text.

    The second edition, like the first, will include listings and some descriptions of excellent toy camera books. To have your book considered for inclusion, please send a copy in for consideration; email the contact information here to get the mailing address and to find out if we already have a copy. (While I would love to buy each of the books, it's just not possible with the number being self-published. I promise to keep them all in my toy camera library, which will perhaps some day be the basis of the Toy Camera Museum! I also bring books to workshops for students to browse and they are available for research).

    If you have a technique you would like to see covered in the book (that isn't already in the first edition) or a fantastic website that everyone should know about, please send them in for consideration. Ideas will be checked, authors contacted for accuracy and permission, and all will be fully credited. If you know of other people's work that should be considered, please send website links (no flickr pages, please).

    Toy cameras have become even more popular since publication of the first edition in 2006. New work will be considered for the second edition with the following criteria. Please read carefully!

    -Images must be made with toy cameras. This includes the Holga, Diana & clones, and other plastic lensed, simple cameras.

    -Work must be part of series of at least 10 images to be considered. Submit sets of 10 images that are related in subject & style. There are several reasons for this: the book features photographers who are serious about their work and use Holgas or other toys as serious photographic tools. Having series of work shows dedication, skill, reproducibility, and artistic vision. Since the book will only show a handful of images by each photographer (or only 1), this allows readers to explore and see more work by artists whose work interests them.

    -Work using different techniques, featuring unique subject matter, in different photographic genres is encouraged. This book highlights photographers who use toy cameras with their personal artistic vision in a variety of genres, not work that is necessarily traditional toy camera fare. We encourage submission of work that encompasses alternative photographic techniques, unique presentation, unusual subject matter or usage, especially which are not already represented in the first edition.
    Some examples: portraiture, weddings, commercial photography, editorial, sports, action, etc.

    -Work by new cameras & accessories. Examples are needed of images made with new toy cameras, including the Pinhole Holga, Pinhole Holga Wide, Golden Half, and Blackbird, Fly. Also, new accessories, such as the Holga Fisheye lens, Holga tele and wide lenses, etc. Images are also needed by any of the multi-lens 35mm cameras such as the Action Sampler, and various 3-, 4-, 8-, and 9-lens plastic cameras.


    Contact email:

    Open for submissions: September 22- October 30th, 2009 - earlier is better
    NOTE: if you live in Los Angeles or NY, I encourage early submission; I will be in NY Oct 16-18 and NY Oct 19-27 and may want to meet with photograpers.

    Send emails with 10 jpg images, between 800 and 1000 pixels largest dimension. Include information about what camera was used, what film, other processing & printing info, and a description of the subject of the series.

    If your images are too large to email, use Put all the images in a folder, and compress it into a zip file, and send that file via yousendit to the email address above. Include a text file in the folder with contact information and image descriptions.

    Information to include (this should be in the text of the email AND in an attached file):

    -Email address
    -Phone number
    -Where you live (city, country)
    -Web site link
    -Artist statement, bio, etc, optional but helpful

    -Camera(s) used
    -Film used
    -Print process
    -Subject matter
    -Time frame images were taken

    -For each image, include your name and image number in the file name.
    Include a list of images, for each image including with the image number, title, date, and relevant photo info (camera, film, print process, etc).

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