Bucks Co. PA Exhibition - Phillips' Mill

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    Jun 13, 2006
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    Way too late for entry, but the 15th Annual Phillips' Mill Photographic Exhibition is up for viewing through June 10th. The mill is on River Road, PA Route 32, a short distance above New Hope. This is a juried show where only about 10% of the submitted work gets accepted.

    I stopped over there this afternoon and checked it out. A fair amount of bit bucket activity, including manipulated images, but there was also impressive traditional stuff including some alternate processes. Having just wound up Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day activities, I was interested to see that one photographer had a series of rather nice pinhole shots accepted.

    There are about 150 prints in the show, including two dozen or so in a special category for high school students. The latter displayed some nice work in largely traditional materials. That's encouraging to see.