Bronica RF645 + 65mm Lens: MINT

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    Sep 4, 2003
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    Here is a MINT Bronica RF645 with 65mm lens. The camera has no dings, scratches or nasties of any kind. It functions smoothly as it should and has had light usage. Unlike some examples the exposure comp is very positive and stays firmly put. This body has the 135 lines, functions flawlessly and smoothly and has produced a number of great images for me.

    The lens is unmarked and to all intents and purposes perfect. It is also exceedingly sharp. Comes with hood and caps.

    The camera produces 16 images on a roll and handles better than any RF camera I have ever used. It is an ergonomic dream and I can honestly say that within minutes you will be shooting this camera without the slightest thought required to do the job required (which is more than I can say for the Mamiya 7). I am selling this one, because I have a Mamiya 7 system for when speed is not important, which I use alongside a 35mm RF and so the piggy in the middle (a great compromise in fact) is going.

    I may end up putting the second body up for sale along with a mint 45mm in the not too distant future, but am reluctant to let go of this system entirely because it makes life so very easy!

    For paypal, add 2%. Cheque/bank transfer prefferred due to hatred of paypal!
    P&P at cost.

    Drop me an email if you have any questions: tom.stanworth@gmail.comGBP
    Price : 385.00