Bronica ETR Setup

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    May 8, 2013
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    I'll post pictures very soon.

    So, I love the setup, but I don't think I like shooting medium format as much as I thought I would. It doesn't benefit me over 35mm enough for it to be worth the trouble of developing and scanning it (neither of which I can do very regularly since I do not have the equipment at home). I have the equipment for 35mm developing, so that's another story. I have a Yashica-D, so my 120 film won't go to waste if I trade this kit.

    Anyways, what I have:

    • Bronica ETR body w/ split prism
    • 75mm f/2.8 lens
    • meterless prism (with eye cup)
    • Bronica Professional Lens Hood (with cross screen adapter, standard adapter, and mask plate for longer focal lengths)
    • Speed Trigger
    • two 120 film backs (with dark slides)
    • Sunpak AP-52 Thyristor and Sunpak Auto 522 Thyristor
    • uv filter, cross screen, and cp filter
    • remote eyes (two of them, never used them)
    • Pelican-style case (will be shipping it all in this, I recommend a new foam insert though)

    I know I've said this a million times, but I'm looking for a decent rangefinder kit. I've heard good things about the Hexar AF as well. Depends on what I can get for it all, I guess. I don't use it enough and I feel like someone else could appreciate it more. Makes a great MF starter kit as well.

    We'll have to work out shipping somehow since I know it'll cost me an arm and a leg to ship it all, so as long as that's cool, we have a deal (given I like what you have to offer, haha).

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