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    50 Years of Modern Colour Photography / 50 Jahre moderne Farbfotografie, 1936-1986 (German/English Edition) [Jan 01, 1986]
    New $50

    Advanced Photography [Jun 01, 1980] Langford , Michael
    Used - Very Good $10

    American Icons [Hardcover) May 15, 2003] Gottlieb, Steve
    - Like New $15

    Bibliography of photographic processes in use before 1880: Their materials, processing, and conservation [Jan 01, 1980] Barger, M. Susan
    Used - Very Good

    Celebrating the Negative [Oct 26, 1994] Loengard, John
    New $100

    American Photography: A Century of Images by Goldberg and Silberman.
    This was the companion book for the PBS special of the same name. American Photography: A Century of Images offers a dynamic look at the twentieth century's most pervasive visual medium. Examining the powerful role that photography has played in shaping our time, it focuses on 100 key photographs — one for each year of the century. Ranging from established artistic treasures to everyday snapshots to records of momentous historical events, these images, plus more that 75 others, chart the American experience from its grandest to its most intimate moments. $19

    Chemical Reaction of the of the Photographic Latent Image Volume I (Monographs on the Theory of Photography from the Kodak Research Laboratories, No. 6) [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1927] E. R. Bullock
    Used - Very Good $40

    Color in Business, Science and Industry [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1963] Judd, D B and Wyszecki, G
    Used - Very Good $ 13

    Colour Photography in Practice (The Focal library) [Oct 01, 1966] Spencer, D.A.; Mannheim, L.A. and Hanworth, 2nd Viscount
    Used - Very Good $18

    Creative Photography: Aesthetic Trends 1839-1960 [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1962] Gernsheim, Helmut
    Collectible - Very Good $35

    Curious Moments [Feb 01, 2008] Hendrik Neubauer
    Used - Like New $10

    Fun with Sun Prints and Box Cameras: Creative Photography, with and without a Camera [Apr 12, 1981] Roberts, Howard R.
    Used - Very Good $10

    George Eastman: A Biography [Apr 12, 1996] Brayer, Elizabeth
    Collectible signed by Author - Like New $49

    History of Color Photography, by Joseph S. Friedman, PH. D. [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1945] JOSEPH SOLOMON (1899-) FRIEDMAN
    Used - Very Good $100

    John Carbutt on the Frontiers of Photography [Jun 01, 1985] Brey, William
    Used - Very Good $50

    KODAK Pocket Photoguide, 4th Edition [Apr 01, 2001] Kodak
    New $5

    Leica: The First Fifty Years [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1977] Rogliatti, G.
    Used – Acceptable, tape on cover $15

    Making a photograph Adams, Ansel, : An introduction to photography (How to do it series) [Jan 01, 1948]
    Used - Very Good $100

    McKeown's Price Guide to Antique & Classic Cameras 1995-96 (Price Guide to Antique and Classic Cameras) [Hardcover] [Jun 03, 1994] James M. McKeown & Joan C. McKeown
    Collectible - Like New $50

    Memoirs of a photochemist [Jan 01, 1960] Wentzel, Fritz
    Used - Like New $45

    Mountain Light: In Search of the Dynamic Landscape [Sep 12, 1986] Rowell, Galen
    Collectible inscribed and signed by Galen - Like New $100

    Photo CD Companion (Includes CD) [Spiral-bound] [Jan 01, 1997] Robert P Locke
    New $20

    Photographic Emulsion Chemistry [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1966] Duffin, G. F
    Used - Very Good $50

    Photographic Materials and Processes [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1986] Stroebel, Leslie; Compton, John; Current, Ira; Zakia, Richard and Photographs and Diagrams
    Used - Like New $25

    Photography's great inventors, [Jan 01, 1965] Sipley, Louis Walton
    Used – Good $50

    Photography, Its Principles and Practice [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1942] Neblette, C. B.
    Used – Acceptable $10

    Photography: Adapted from the Life Library of Photography [ILLUSTRATED] [May 31, 1989] Barbara London Upton and John Upton $10

    Self-portrait, U.S.A [Jan 01, 1969] Duncan, David Douglas
    Used - Very Good $10

    South Southeast [Hardcover] [Aug 29, 2000] McCurry, Steve
    Collectible Signed by Steve - Like New $100

    Stereoviews Illustrated: Fifty Early American [Jun 01, 1994] Norton, Russell
    Used - Very Good $35

    The Camera From The 11th Century To The Present Day [Paperback] [Jan 01, 1990] John Wade
    New $12

    The History of Photography, Volume II: The Rise of Photography, 1850-1880: The Age of Collodion. [Hardcover] [Jan 01, 1987]
    Used - Very Good $45

    The Official Photo Cd Handbook: A Verbum Interactive Guide [May 01, 1995] Gosney, Michael
    Used - Like New $5

    The Story of Photography: From Its Beginnings to the Present Day [Jun 01, 1980] Langford, Michael John
    Used - Like New $50

    The history of three-color photography, [Jan 01, 1925] Wall, E. J
    Used - Very Good $275

    1-555 21-869-5
    Great Photographers of the American West by Eva Weber $18
    11 x 14 inches 112 pages, 1993. Excellent quality reproductions on high-quality coated paper. Beautiful Dust-jacket.

    This volume features more than 80 glorious images of the pristine beauty and native inhabitants of the American West taken by the greatest photographers of their time: Ansel Adams, Edward S Curtis, Alexander Gardner, Laura Gilpin, William Henry Jackson, Eadweard Muybridge, Timothy O’Sullivan, and others. i.e. Solomon D. Butcher, F. J. Haynes, John Hillers, Andrew J. Russell, William Soule, Adam Clark Vroman, Ben Wittick.

    In the second half of the 19th century, photographers ventured into the American West to record for posterity its majestic pristine beauty, unusual land formations, native inhabitants, and development. By responding to the nation's growing interest in the West, these intrepid photographers not only shaped and influenced America's image of herself at the time, but also left us in future generations a bountiful legacy of visual images that provide a remarkable historic record of the land and its people.

    In an attempt to preserve dramatic views of nature prompted the work of Carleton Watkins, and Edward Muybridge, who first traveled to Yosemite from San Francisco in the 1860. These and other photographs of the grandeur of the West invoke the nation's highest aesthetic ideals, deepest religious convictions, and optimism about the future of America.

    At the same time other photographers, a number of whom had honed their skills by documenting the Civil War, went West to join government railroad-sponsored expeditions. Timothy O'Sullivan Andrew Russell, Alexander Gardner, William Henry Jackson, John Hiller's, and others recorded the region's magnificent mountain scenery and unique wonders, heroically risking their lives to capture for science impasse clarity the West distinctive features. Decades later, Ansel Adams assume the mantle of the pioneering landscape photographers.

    Don D. Fowler, The Western Photographs of John McCain. Hiller's, Myself In The Water $20
    9x 11 inches 166 pages with dust jacket. Excellent like-new condition.
    Many 19th century Americans experience their first photographic glimpse of the American West to the lens and John K.. Hillers. As a photographer for the Smithsonian institution's Bureau of American Ethnology And for the United States Geological Survey, Hillers had an unparalleled opportunity to capture the dramatic "second opening" of the West.

    Significant amount of text that dicuss the subjects and the photographer.

    Robert A. Sobieszek, The Art of Persuasion, A History of Advertising Photography $15

    9 x 12 inches 208 pages
    Like new except for my name is embossed on the cover page inside the book

    Advertising photographs are so much with us today that the artistry and skill of the photographers who make them are often taken for granted. In reality, many great photographers-including Edward Steichen, August Sander, Lewis Hine, Richard Anodyne, and Annie Leibovitz-have made photographs for advertisements.

    Author Sovieszek includes these artist and 100 more in the first in-depth history of advertising photography. He traces the evolution of the photographic image in advertising from its beginnings as a straightforward illustration for 19th century posters and trade albums to its rapid development in the 20th century under the influences of both social realism and Island guard art. He explores a post-World War II boom in consumer product advertising, especially in America, and probes beyond the experimental and sophisticated photographic age of today. The author is a curator at George Eastman House, Rochester New York

    187 illustrations including 81 plates in full color 1988.

    Kingslake, “A History of the Photographic Lens" $90

    Beautiful condition with Dust Jacket, 334 pages. First edition

    This book is well illustrated, clearly written and a most useful source of knowledge about lenses. It will interest historians of photography, camera collectors and amateur photographers. --NEW SCIENTIST

    "Kingslake has written] an instructive and entertaining account of the development of lenses from the earliest simple double convex lens to the meniscus, to doublets and triplets, achromats and apochromats and even aspherics, and including the most elaborate telephoto and zoom lenses used today."--John N. Howard, OPTICS NEWS

    "Kingslake has done an outstanding job of writing a readable book... Kingslake is today's first name in optics. His new book belongs in every camera collector's library." --SHUTTERBUG MAGAZINE

    "Rudolph Kingslake is eminently qualified to write this book...It is...a rich source of references to books, papers, and most importantly patents, where much of lens design knowledge is archived." JOURNAL OF MODERN OPTICS

    The lens is generally the most expensive and least understood part of any camera. In this book, Dr. Kingslake traces the historical development of various types of lenses from Gary's invention of photography in 1939 to lenses commonly used today.

    In the early lens still being manufactured for use in low-cost cameras to design made possible through such innovations as lens coating, rare-Earth glasses, and computer aided lens design and testing, the author details each major advance design and fabrication. The book explains how and why each new lens site was developed
    most of them have since been abandoned this authoritative history of lens technology also includes brief biographies of several standing lens designers and manufacturers of the past.

    Paul Hickman and Terence Pitts, Preface By Beaumont Newhall , GEORGE FISKE: YOSEMITE PHOTOGRAPHER ©1980.

    New in original shrink wrap.
    George Fiske (October 22, 1835 – October 21, 1918) was an American landscape photographer.
    Fiske was born in Amherst, New Hampshire and moved west with his brother to San Francisco. He apprenticed with Charles L. Weed and worked with Carleton E. Watkins, both early Yosemite photographers. Fiske and his wife moved to Yosemite in 1879 and lived there until he committed suicide in 1918. Fiske was living alone when he shot himself and he often told his neighbors he was "tired of living." Most of his negatives were destroyed when his house burned in 1904.
    Years later, when photographer Ansel Adams was a boy, his Aunt Mary gave him a copy of In the Heart of the Sierras when he was sick. The book piqued his interest enough to persuade his parents to vacation in Yosemite National Park in 1916. Most of the photographs in the book are by George Fiske.
    After Fiske's death, his remaining negatives were acquired by the Yosemite Park Company and stored neglected in a sawmill attic, which burned in 1943. Ansel Adams suggested they be stored safely in the Yosemite Museum fireproof basement, but his suggestion was ignored. "If that hadn't happened", said Adams, "Fiske could have been revealed today, I firmly believe, as a top photographer, a top interpretive photographer. I really can’t get excited at [Carleton] Watkins and [Eadweard] Muybridge—I do get excited at Fiske. I think he had the better eye." (Hickman & Pitts, 1980).

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