Block diagram of emulsion making equipment

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    Here is a diagram of the basic equipment needed to make a modern double run emulsion.

    It does not address any of the technical issues that make it work. For example, peristaltic pumps introduce pulsation, geared pumps introduce chatter, high flow rates introduce a sudden spike in flow and etc.

    Above a certain volume, certain types of mixers no longer work due to cavitation, valving becomes more complex, and as I said at a meeting once quoting Mr. Scott from Star Trek, "the more complex you make the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain". So, I've blown seals and sprayed silver nitrate at high speed all over the room. This is NOT a simple process. It is computer controlled.

    It does not also address the actual numbers of solutions and the plumbing used. The original diagram is/was a closely guarded secret item at Kodak and this is the cleaned up version, but basically, Kodak has 4 different making methods and this is the amalgam of all of them and then simplified to two delivery systems.

    This diagram has a long history. It was originally drawn by a good friend, and updated by me. Then it passed on to others and was simplified for publication, so this is a simplified version of a hugely complex plumbing diagram that I used to work with and design scaling methods for at Kodak.

    The equipment exists at 10L, 100L and 1000L for their 3 scales, lab, pilot and production.

    Enjoy. (I expect Simon and his engineers will be wanting more. :D )


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