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    I have a print that's really nice but it has a bit of a black spot on the white border because I didn't mask the edge carefully in the easel. I want to get rid of that black blotch and bleach it totally into white to match the rest of the border. Otherwise I have to throw the print away, unless I can cover it with the matte. I have a lot of farmer's reducer, but I've never used it. Can kodak farmer's reducer do this kind of thing?
  2. Add a little sodium ferrocyanide [potassium?] to water and wipe the spot with a ball of cotton or a Q-tip very gently. Wait between wipes. Have a ball of cotton soaked with water to wipe when the bleaching had reached the point that you want. Wash the photograph and then fix and wash as usual.


    Have a mat cut that covers the spot.

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    I don't think that you can get it back to base white. In my experience, and I admit that I have not bleached for long periods of time, bleaching usually leaves *some* density above paper white. If you give it a shot, try to protect the rest of the print near the spot you want to bleach because it's going to be difficult to keep the bleach exactly where you want it to be. Artists frisket works well for this sort of thing...

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